We are an innovative content creator rooted in Sham Shui Po, an up-and-coming cultural hotspot in the heart of Hong Kong.  We specialise in fostering deep community engagement through online content development, retail activation and experiential events.  We lead the narrative of living ‘a good life’.  We inspire, empower and collaborate with communities and brands to create human connections and ignite conversations that in turn deliver outsized measurable commercial value. 

More than just a store.

Curating experiences to live the good life

Cafe by Day, bistro by night

Whether it's enjoying a casual afternoon tea or using our whole space for private events, we've got you covered.

Our menus are carefully curated by Michelin Star Restaurant trained chef, chef phoebe.

Some words from our team

  1. The gym bag that takes you from AM to PM 

    Tired, battered and uninspired gym bags beware, your days are numbered. BIRDIE is the fully functional, compartmentalized, stylish gym bag that takes you from day to night effortlessly. Joanna Lau, founder and designer, JEMMA, gave our editor the rundown on one of the brands most popular bags and why she created BIRDIE.
  2. Founders without borders: the women-led brands changing the game

    Women-led brands are establishing new ways of working that stretch across a global platform, breaking from the 'norm' and reinventing the traditional business model.
  3. Science in skincare: When beauty goes STEM deep

    Phytoglycogen, sounds like something to be avoided right? Turns out it’s the super booster for your collagen and hyaluronic acid, and two scientists have just bottled it for our skincare needs. Straight from nature, might we add.