Chocolate protein, the supercharging supplement in your day

by WSNXT Team

Written By Jade Scott


Protein supplements are something that I had previously shied away from. Not convinced by the products that I had seen on the market, I was reluctant to put anything in my body that might add ‘bulk’ to my frame or felt 'fake' to me; I hate artificial tasting and feeling foods, so why would I blend and drink a powdery liquid, right? 
That was until I started actually paying attention to the benefits of added protein in my diet. Preserving and supporting lean muscle mass, protein supplements have been recorded for improving strength when taken in combination with an exercise regime and overall healthy lifestyle choices. And, there’s a variety out there with different ingredient bases that aid in various elements of lifestyle and fitness. 
From whey to pea, and collagen, and the various others in between, there are products out there that offer benefits in a variety of forms and to suit dietary preferences. 
Female entrepreneur, queen of beauty and all-round WOMANBOSS, Bobbi Brown, has invested much of her career in the cosmetic industry and Evolution_18 is a step inward, to look at beauty from within. The brand has created a line of products to promote healthier skin, nails and muscle tone. 

It was the Energizing Chocolate Protein that caught my eye and so, for a week, I put it to the test, to see if it delivers on its statement of curbing cravings and supporting lean muscle tone.

A tasty kind of protein supplement to aid fitness featured on WOMANBOSS
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**Please note, I combined my protein with regular meals and exercise as part of my usual weekly routine. No one was hurt during the making of this review, except maybe my pride when I couldn’t lift the major weights I was eyeing up in the gym.** 
The Brand 
The Product 
Energizing Chocolate, Protein with MCT’s, Fiber and Prebiotics 
The Test 
I started taking this protein the ‘traditional way’, as a shake, blended with water, each morning. I was immediately impressed by the curb craving factor of this drink. I felt genuinely full and satisfied, taking me from breakfast to lunch without my habitual cookie dash mid-morning. Taking it in the morning started the day off really well, plus, it cut down my coffee intake purely because I felt energized and full enough that I didn’t think about pouring myself a caffeine fix. 
Half-way through the week, I decided to switch up the times when I had the shake. I usually workout in the evenings, so it made sense to try it about an hour before I was partaking in exercise, of both high-intensity workouts and strength-based training. The chocolate flavour makes a great late afternoon sweet treat as well.
For my final trick, I prepped overnight chocolate oats using 50g whole oats, yoghurt, a splash of milk and the powder and left in the fridge overnight before trying it for breakfast. By far the most filling way to utilize this protein, it made a genuinely tasty breakfast.

A tasty kind of protein supplement to aid fitness featured on WOMANBOSS
Energizing Chocolate Protein by Evolution_18


The Taste 
As far as chocolate products go, often brands can miss the cacao mark by going too artificially sweet or acrid. This is not the case here. The cocoa used is delicious and does not leave a protein-y residue taste. It tastes and smells almost like a bakers cocoa powder used in decadent Brooklyn Blackout cake, although I wouldn’t suggest baking with this. Ultimately, this had an authentic chocolate shake flavour. I didn’t blend with milk (dairy or plant-based) but I can imagine the results would be even better, creamier. 
The Texture 
Light and foamy. Beware, when using a decent blender you need to allow the foam to calm down and mix back into the drink before consuming, otherwise, you end up with a delightful foamy top, but an insipid, watery brown liquid at the bottom, which is less pleasant. The powder is fine and mixes instantly. No clumping or powder clouds left in your mix once you’re done stirring/blending in.  
The Ingredients and Supplement Facts 
So here’s the important part. Let’s be clear, we all want to know what’s going into our products and finally, into our bodies, so the nutritional information forms a large part of the rating of this product. The Energizing Chocolate Protein contains grass-fed whey protein, prebiotics, enzymes and fiber to power you through your day.  
Calorie-wise it is fairly low at 140 per serving, however, it also ranks slightly lower on the portion of protein per serving. 15g per one scoop may sound like a lot, but with other products on the market boasting upwards of 20g, including simple yoghurts and snack bars, it is on the lighter side of the protein scale.  
This is a grass-fed whey. Whey protein is a highly-digestible milk-derived protein, meaning that this isn’t suitable for vegans but for those conscious about the feeding methods of animals, Evolution_18 has sought to line up with producers that grass-feed cattle.  
Gluten-free you’ll be pleased to know, but it does contain nut products, specifically from coconut oil powder. All clearly stated on the label.

A tasty kind of protein supplement to aid fitness featured on WOMANBOSS
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The Packaging 
On first look, it appears a little underwhelming but actually what has been designed is something quite sophisticated in its simplicity. Plus many brands out there often have a male focus in their packaging designs anyway. White suggests clean and free of ‘nasties’ and it seems that the Evolution_18 team has gone as far as possible to create something that feels honest, pure and not relying on gimmicks to prove the benefits of the product. There is a calming sense of reassurance with a brand design that doesn’t use packaging as its hype-man and for that, Evolution_18 gets some extra points (we call them Good Miles). Nutrition information is simply displayed, instructions are clear and the scoop supplied with it is actually pretty effective at not coating your kitchen surface in chocolate powder. Winning!
The Serving 
At 15 servings per tub, it doesn’t go far, which is a shame, but I’m more likely to use this on workout only days, so that will reduce how often I have to replenish.  
The Value for Money 
$30 per tub, so this is on the more expensive side, at $2 a scoop. 

A tasty kind of protein supplement to aid fitness featured on WOMANBOSS
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The Verdict 
Proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say, but here, the proof lies a little in product reviewer performance as well. Don't worry, I didn't just drink it and sit on my couch watching episodes of Schitt's Creek.
Since taking it I have definitely felt nicely energized and have performed well at the gym. I’m working out intending to improve lean muscle mass, so whether my results are down to this protein alone, its unlikely, but it is assisting and supporting me in my daily and weekly goals. I love that it curbs my cravings, reducing down on my snacking, and in turn, means I’m less fueled by refined sugars and more by proteins and carbohydrates. In effect, this Energizing Chocolate Protein is giving me the boost I needed. 
The Rating 
4 Good Miles, out of a possible 5. The product itself is excellent and performs well in all areas except for being slightly lower in protein than I would have liked and quite pricey per portion. The quality of the ingredients and taste does make up for it in many ways though.