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  • Adaptogen Powder Packets
  • Adaptogen Powder Packets


Adaptogen Powder Packets

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The GOLDMINE Adaptogen Powder Packets come in a box of 10 packets. Adaptogen Powder is a tasty blend of 5 organic adaptogenic herbs that ease stress on the mind and body. This powder is conveniently packaged in single serve portions.  

Product Information: 

  • 2 gram serving size 
  • Contains 10 single serve packets 
  • Aids in stress management 
  • Increases mental and physical stamina 
  • Enhances focus and boosts immunity 

How to Use: 

  • Enjoy daily in drinks or foods like coffee, smoothies, juice, tea and water 
  • Mix in ½-1 tsp of power up to 3 times a day 

Ingredient List: 

Reishi fruiting body mushroom (400mg), chaga fruiting body mushroom (400mg), cordyceps fruiting body mushroom (280), astragalus (280mg), ashwagandha (280mg), rosehips (50mg). All ingredients are USDA certified organic.  

Goldmine was founded by Rachael Gorjestani, a nutritionist and chef, and was inspired by her own burnout and adrenal fatigue. Goldmine collaborates with seasoned herbalists to perfect their everyday adaptogen powder blend that helps your body manage stress, boost energy and improve overall wellness. Goldmine’s goal is to help you think, create, move and feel your best.