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Hong Kong Brick

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Reflecting on the current situation in Hong Kong, Florian Wegenast and Christine Lew have come up with the "Hong Kong Brick", a design artifact created from the construction waste of shops that were taken down during the COVID-19 crisis. In the process, small gravel, cement, and glass pieces were collected from different shops around Hong Kong, broken down into smaller fragments, then utilized in a terrazzo casting to create a new brick.

Thinking beyond the immediate crisis, the designers decided to cast a brick form to also feature the duality of bricks as the foundation of rebuilding something new, representing how the past can propel us to create a positive impact for the future. Celebrating the establishment of the first WOMANBOSS community space in the world, Florian and Christine specially designed a limited number of Hong Kong Brick in the colour of flamingo, symbolising the new chapter of female go-getters.

Product Information:

  • 20cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 7cm (H), 2.1kg
  • Made of small gravel, cement, glass in a terrazzo casting

    About the collaboration

    Borne from the desire to reconnect and to reduce the social distancing “distance” during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade fosters the idea that design can enact positive change in this challenging context. Over 130 designers from Hong Kong and beyond participated and channelled their creativity and inspiration into 76 unique homemade prototypes that responded to the curatorial brief of addressing a pressing societal need. WMNBSS is proud to be a 2020 Design Trust Champion and bring this initiative to the wider community. As part of the DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade Winter Showcase, we are excited to introduce 5 innovative and creative designs that fit our broader social mission and unique aesthetic. 

    As a groundbreaking platform for mission-led entrepreneurs, go-getters and game changers who seek the good life, our forward-looking and socially conscious selection provide a unique perspective into Environment and Up-cycling Futures.  Each reflects a growing awareness of irreversible environmental impacts and probes deeper thoughts on the future of making where design plays an essential part in shaping our future. 

    All proceeds from these products will support Design Trust’s ongoing research, grant programs and community initiatives.